Saturday, April 1, 2017

Air Jordans v.s. Italian leather

It was another successful month at KIPP. In the beginning of March, my classmates and I were assigned to give supplies to the teacher every Wednesday. While the task in question seemed to be somewhat arduous, we ended up have a phenomenal time. While we did our best to not disturb the classroom, the students couldn’t help but be fascinated with our presence. As soon as we entered, these inquisitive children bombarded us with questions. My fellow classmate and I was the subject of great fascination due to our shoe choice. The children took a particular liking to my new Air Jordan’s, while they despised the very expensive handcrafted shoes that my classmate had one. After some good laughs with the teachers and children, we went to the next classroom, only to have the exact same scenario play out.

The highlight of the month came when we were asked to supervise the classroom for a moment while the teacher went to use the rest room. I think that if were we left alone with the kids for another moment, they may have succeeded in destroying the classroom. I have garnered a serious appreciation for the staff at KIPP, as they constantly demonstrate saint like behavior and monk-like Zen

8 hour performed in March

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