Tuesday, January 31, 2017

New Year, New Fun

About mid way though my December break, I was once again reminded why I left home in the first place. Dramatic sister-mother confrontation, and a recently retired father eager to employ me as chief landscaper in the dead of New England winter, left me longing to return to New Orleans. After multiple failed flight attempts, I   managed to make it back only a week late for class. The schedule this semester seems to be quite different then last semesters; I’m already loving the variably and the much broader range of topics.  After spending the first few weeks getting acclimated, I managed to return to my old stopping ground in KIPP last week, if only briefly. Several of my classmates and I have agreed to go the facility on Wednesday rather then Friday, so this should bring some potentially new experiences.  After reviewing some of my post from last semester, I would genuinely like to spend more times with the kids. After speaking with a few of the teachers last weeks, I believe that will become a reality. There will be a new extended day program in which the kids will be encouraged to go outside and play on the fantastic playground. I’m genuinely looking forward to attending some of the newly stanchioned “healthy eating class”, where students will be educated on macronutrient profiles and informed on healthy eating and strategies. Personally, I don’t think there is in anyway a more beneficial program that can be implemented to the youths down here. In conclusion, I can’t wait to see what this semester will bring and am invariably thankful for the opportunity.