Tuesday, February 28, 2017

King cake and a hearty breakfast

This month was filled with as much emotional gratification as it was with fun. I was fortunate enough to meet a young gentleman by the name of “Malik”. He was a young African American boy that had more personality and wit than any young man I’ve meet before. We sat down together after my fellow classmates and I finished passing out school supplies; our usual job on Wednesday. He asked about my “strange accent” and inquired on my country of origin. I told him that I lived in Massachusetts, just on the outskirts of Boston.  He was unaware of where this strange location was. I told him that I live in region where the New England patriots reign supreme; he was not impressed. I then asked the teacher if I could share with him a king cake that my classmates and I purchased at rouses. I saw the young mans face light up when I brought in the cake. I was broken hearted when he told me that he rarely consumes breakfast. The teacher informed me that most of the students do eat breakfast and must rely on the school. This truly broke my heart as I personally feel that food is the engine of the intellect. With that being said, I would like to make it may future goal to help some of the students establish a dialogue with their parents regarding breakfast. I believe that this would result in an acrobatic display that would only facilitate the celestial light of concept elucidation.

8 hours month of February