Friday, September 30, 2016

I came, i saw, i ate

I’m happy to say that my first month of community service was everything I’ve had hoped for. From my first visit At KIPP on September 2, it was obvious that both faculty and students were exceptionally grateful of our presence. While walking though the halls of KIPP, delivering supplies to the teachers, I found it reminiscent of my own elementary school; the joy and curiosity expressed by the students was clearly evident when my fellow classmates and I entered every room. The inquisitive nature of the students, boldly enquiring on anything from our birthplace to our shoe choice genuinely put a smile on my face.

The highlight of the month however came in the form of a pie-eating contest in the “Harvard” classroom. As my classmates and I entered the room, the Harvard students were about to embark on their 2nd annual pie-eating contest. 4 contestants were chosen based on their scores on previous assignments. While the other students looked on eagerly, I noticed the look on particular students face prior the start of the competition. Instead of talking with the classmates that surrounded him, he eagerly stared at the pie with an intensity that was palpable. To him, this was not a game…It was war. “3, 2, 1, GO!” the teacher yelled and the students took off eating; Instantaneously that student’s colossal focus was converted into raw determination as he simultaneous devoured both the pie and his competition. While this champion engaged with classmates and bathed in his newfound glory, I couldn’t help but be remained of one very important thing; enough passion trumps any obstacle.

12 hours completed